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Elementary students authors

picture of grade 2 student authors holding the Cannoneer Bear book

Elementary school authors wrote stories and provided the illustrations for a book about their second-grade mascot travelling the world.

Second graders write The Adventures of Cannoneer Bear


Rachel Manning’s second-grade class recently published a book titled, The Adventures of Cannoneer Bear. The story recounts the adventures of the grade 2 mascot who travels the world, visiting the countries of the students’ ancestors and families.

Each student in the class wrote a chapter for the book and drew an illustration to accompany their story. View photo gallery of author's reception

For her story, second-grade author, Ella LaBossiere wrote about how Cannoneer Bear ventured to the most-often visited country in the world: France. Ella wrote that Cannoneer Bear stopped at the Café Royal and dined on barley and corn. While there, the bear also learned a few French words.

Classmate Anna Orlioglu wrote about Cannoneer Bear’s adventures in Moldova, an Eastern European country between Romania and Ukraine, where her mom was born. In Moldova, the bear snacked on grapes, and learned to say “hello” in Russian. According to Anna, who drew the artwork for the book cover, Cannoneer Bear loved his Moldovan adventure!

Ella and Anna picked their friend Garrett’s story as another favorite because in his tale, Cannoneer Bear visited a farm and ate six plates of noodles!

In February, students invited their families to an authors reception to celebrate the book publishing. The second-graders gathered in the elementary school cafeteria to share the stories with their parents, grandparents and other special guests. Mrs. Manning had the book printed in hard cover and made paperback copies available for students and families to take home.

The budding authors enjoyed writing their stories so much that Ella and Anna said they would like to write another book about what Cannoneer Bear does over the summer vacation.