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Laws of Physics take center stage  

image of students and dancers on stage

High school physics students participate in a demonstration of equilibrium with Ellen Sinopoli dancers during field trip to the University of Albany.

Students experience a mash-up of science and dance in ChoreoPhysics performance


The Watervliet High School Regents Physics class along with Grade 8 Science Honors students had an opportunity to experience scientific concepts and theories in a unique way during a production of ChoreoPhysics at the State University at Albany in December. View Grade 8 Science Field Trip Photo Gallery

ChoreoPhysics, performed by the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, is the result of a collaboration with the college’s Physics Department to illustrate Newton's Laws and additional physical processes through dance. Dance company director Ellen Sinopoli and U Albany physics professor Keith Earle have used more than a dozen laws of physics as a means to discover and develop movement, patterns and motivation that deeply intertwine the science with the dance.

Physics students participated in a demonstration of equilibrium during the field trip. The students also attended brief lectures with physics department faculty members and toured the facilities, including the science library. The college physics professors explained that college focuses on refining students’ abilities to think deeply about a subject, and they touted the tremendous economic advantages and opportunities available for students earning college degrees in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

image of students and dancers on stage