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Bethany Livsey holds some of the tiny caps she has crocheted for local babies born prematurely.

Inspired by her grandmother's talent for knitting, Watervliet High School junior crochets caps for preemies


As a youngster, Watervliet High School student Bethany Livsey aspired to master the art of crocheting. With encouragement from her grandmother, Bethany tried her hand at crocheting, but put away the darning needles after not having much success.

“My grandmother has been crocheting for others since I was young. One time, when I was a child, I went to visit her and tried to learn the skill, but I was terrible at it,” said Bethany. “As a little kid, I really admired the blankets she made for us that we appropriately named ‘Grandma Laurie Blankets.’ They had all types of explosive colors, and were so soft and comfortable. She still makes all types of wonderful things that she donates to charitable organizations."

Fast-forward to today

The high school junior’s interest in the hobby has since been renewed. During a recent visit from her grandmother, Bethany quickly picked up the knack for crocheting, and now spends her free time crocheting small hats to donate to local hospitals for premature babies.

“My grandma was working on items for donation, and they looked awesome! She made hats, little blankets, and even tiny booties!” said Bethany. “I wanted to make cute little things for babies, too. So, I started crocheting some hats.”

Inspired by her grandmother’s generous nature, Bethany, who is on the honor roll and was named a high school Kid of Character earlier this month, began researching online for places to donate when she and her mother found the Burdett Care Center at Troy’s Samaritan Hospital.

“The nurses and even the secretary were unbelievably kind. One nurse jumped up and down in her off-green scrubs and ran off to show one of the hats to her friends,” Bethany said. “She said that she pictured distinct families in her head when she picked up each hat, and knew all the parents would be ecstatic.”

Arriving home, Bethany knew she wanted to return to the hospital and bring even cuter and prettier hats than before.

“In all honesty, the first hats I made were just practice,” she said. “Now, though, I'm really excited. I plan to put lots of effort into these hats, and try out some of my new techniques and yarns. Maybe, I'll even work on some blankets and stuffed animals!”

Because of her generosity and her persistent spirit, Bethany is Watervliet Jr./Sr. High School’s featured Kid of Character for May.