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Watervliet City School District transportation requests must be made to the school district each year for transportation of each child who is eligible (see policies below to determine if your child is eligible.) All requests must be submitted on the approved form (download request form) and returned by April 1 for children who will be attending school in the fall. The pupil must be a resident of the Enlarged City School District of Watervliet. Forms are also available in each school building's main office.

WCSD Transportation Handbook
The transportation handbook provides an overview of many of the policies, procedures and other information relevant to Watervliet City School District's transportation department. The contents of this handbook and the policies and procedures described in it are presented for information and general guidance only. Download PDF


Elementary Pupils, Grades K-6

Elementary pupils who reside one-half (0.5) mile or more from school are provided round-trip transportation. Students are assigned specific buses, as well as bus stop pick-up and return points. These assignments are made based on a student’s residence.

Secondary Pupils, Grades 7-12

Transportation is offered for students who live 1 mile or more from school.

Pupils with Disabilities

Children who have been classified as disabled and attend school outside the district receive round-trip transportation to school provided the child has been recommended for placement by the District Committee on Special Education (CSE) and that recommendation has been approved by the Board of Education.

Children classified as disabled and attending a District school are provided special transportation if recommended by the CSE and approved by the Board.


Transportation to and from school activities is a privilege, not a right. To ensure the safety of students who ride on the bus, the following rules must be followed.

All students shall:

Walk when entering and exiting the bus.

Show concern for the rights of others by not shouting, pushing, or throwing objects.

Remain seated at all times.

Leave windows as they are. If opened, arms and hands must not extend out the window.

Follow directions given by the driver promptly and courteously.


Students who do not adhere to the rules can expect the following consequences:

1. Be warned by the driver. If the student does not comply, the driver will file a report with the school administration.

2. The parents will be contacted by the principal or assistant principal, and a copy of the driver’s report will be mailed to the parent. A conference may be requested by the principal, assistant ¬≠principal or parent. The student is subject to a two-day suspension from riding the bus.

3. The student is subject to a five-day suspension from riding the school bus. If the student’s conduct on the bus fails to improve, the student is subject to a 10-day suspension from riding the bus. If the conduct on the bus still fails to improve, the student will lose bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.

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emergency closings

In the event that Watervliet City Schools must be closed because of an emergency situation such as weather or facilities failure, announcements will posted on the website and will also be made on the following local stations:





It is important that parents make sure that their child knows where to go in case of an emergency dismissal. Please be sure to develop a plan of action.