Two (2) Full-Time Cleaners

Anticipated Hours: 3– 11 p.m.
Location: Watervliet City School District (building TBD)
Start Date: June 2021
Salary: $15.00 per hour plus health benefits

Work involves cleaning and maintenance of school buildings. Examples of work (illustrative only):

  • Sweeps, mops and waxes floors, washes walls, windows, boards and lockers, dusts and performs other cleaning duties;
  • Cleans and mops lavatories and locker rooms;
  • Replaces light bulbs, towels, soap and other supplies;
  • Unloads delivery trucks, empties waste baskets and disposes of rubbish;
  • Polishes and refinishes furniture, turns off lights and locks doors;
  • Moves classroom furniture, including desks, filing cabinets, etc.,
  • Performs a variety of errands and related custodial tasks;
  • Shovels and salts during inclement weather;
  • Weed whacking, mowing, shoveling, raking and other property maintenance;
  • Stripping and waxing floors, shampooing rugs/carpets, unloading delivery trucks;
  • Answering all calls and additional tasks that arise in addition to completing daily routine.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Good knowledge of building cleaning practices, supplies and equipment, and the ability to use them economically and efficiently; ability to understand and follow simple oral and written directives; thoroughness; dependability; good moral character; good physical condition.
  2. A valid NYS Drivers’ License preferred.
  3. Must have obtained or are currently pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent.
  4. Must be a resident of the City of Watervliet.
  5. Appointment is subject to fingerprint clearance.

Interested candidates should apply to:

Mr. Keith Heid, Business Manager
Watervliet City School District
1245 Hillside Drive
Watervliet, New York 12189

Date Posted: May 12, 2021
Closing Date: May 26, 2021