Fast Facts About Our School Based Health Center

Here are some fast facts about the Whitney Young School Based Health Center (SBHC) at Watervliet Jr.-Sr. High School.

  • Once a parent fills out the consent form and health questionnaire your child is enrolled.
  • You are always welcome and encouraged to attend appointments with your child. Elementary students K-6 can be transported by bus to the high school for their appointments.
  • Your child can receive immunizations required for school here.
  • Your child can use the SBHC for urgent care when they are sick. There is never a co-pay!
  • Each year your child will receive a physical with us or you can provide one from another doctor.
  • Your child can have a primary doctor that is not from Whitney Young Health and still enroll. We will work with your child’s doctor, not replace them.
  • We can help manage your child’s health conditions such as asthma or diabetes.
  • We work with the school nurse; we do not replace them.
  • There is never an out-of-pocket cost for any SBHC services. If you have insurance we will bill the insurance. If you need insurance we can help you obtain it.
  • Any prescriptions that are needed will be sent to your local pharmacy.
  • Your child is enrolled as long as they attend this school or you choose to disenroll them.
  • There is a mental health worker available to see students and families too!
  • You have 24 hour access always. If school is not in session, call Whitney Young Health at 518-465-4771.

Please call your SBHC with any questions, Watervliet School-Based Health Center office at WJSHS: 518-629-3270.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions web page for additional information