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Which school is right for me?

How to pick the right school

If you Google the phrase "how do I pick a college" over 54 MILLION websites come up. And if you ask 10 friends or relatives their opinion, you'll likely get 10 different answers. Academics, size, location, prestige, availability of intercollegiate sports, financial aid and social life all play competing roles in making this important decision. Below are some resources designed to help you in your quest!

Search the Internet!

There may be 54 MILLION sites related to college searches on the internet, but these are some of the best! View list

Post-high school options in the Capital Region

There are many excellent post-high school options right here in the area. Learn more about the different colleges, specialty schools and military options that the region has to offer.

What do I want/need to know about a school

Here's a helpful list of things you may want to consider when considering schools. All of these may not be important to you, but hopefully the list will get you thinking about what you want out of your college experience. View list (PDF)

School Comparison worksheet

Have you narrowed down the list of choices but still aren't sure? Use this handy-dandy worksheet to help you compare various schools you are considering. This is available in PDF format to use as is, or in a Microsoft Word document so you can alter it to suit your needs. Download College Comparison worksheet (PDF) College Comparison worksheet (Microsoft Word)