Special Education Extended School Year Program

Summer Program

Watervliet’s Extended Year Program is available for eligible students with disabilities. The Committee on Special Education (CSE) must determine whether a student requires extended school year services in order to prevent substantial regression. Substantial regression (a loss of eight weeks or more over a period of eight weeks) would be indicated by a student’s inability to maintain developmental levels due to a loss of skill, set of skill competencies or knowledge during the months of July and August. Students are considered for 12-month special services and/or programs to prevent substantial regression if they are:

  • Students whose management needs are determined to be highly intensive and require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention, and who are placed in special classes
  • Students with severe multiple disabilities whose programs consist primarily of habilitation and treatment, and who are placed in special classes
  • Students receiving other special education services who, because of their disabilities, exhibit the need for 12-month special service and/or program to prevent substantial regression.

The IEP for the extended school year program may differ from the IEP developed for the school year program. The CSE determines the type and amount of services that a student needs for an appropriate extended school year program. The IEP developed for the extended school year program should focus on the areas in which the student is expected to experience regression. The IEP for the July-August program should indicate those areas where the student needs services to prevent substantial regression.

The extended school year program is in session for six weeks (a total of 30 days) over the summer. Students who meet the eligibility requirements will receive specialized instruction and related services at Watervliet Elementary School. The program will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Transportation will be provided when stipulated on the student’s IEP.

For more information, contact Director of Programs and Pupil Services Janelle Yanni at 518-629-3202, or email jyanni@vlietschools.org.