Proposed 2020-21 School Budget at a Glance

  • Budget total: $28,560,000
  • Spending Increase: 1.30 percent
  • Tax Levy Increase: 1.98 percent

A closer look at the 2020-21 budget proposal

Watervliet residents will be asked to consider a proposed $28,560,000 budget for the 2020-21 school year. Voting this year is exclusively by absentee ballot, with a deadline of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9. Ballots received after that date and time will not be counted. The mail-in vote was mandated in an executive order dated May 1, 2020 by Governor Andrew Cuomo in response to ongoing public health concerns related to the spread of COVID-19. Read more about voting by absentee ballot

The proposed 2020-21 budget increases spending by 1.3 percent, or $373,000 more than the current-year budget, and allows the district to preserve current educational programs and services for students.

The proposal carries a tax levy increase of 1.98 percent, which is slightly below the district’s maximum limit under the state’s tax “cap” formula. School tax rates, which determine the amount of money property owners pay per $1,000 of assessed value, will be set in August when the district receives the final tax assessment roll from the City. Read more about the proposed budget

Board of Education meetings:

Developing the annual school budget proposal is a year-round process that involves the Watervliet Board of Education, as well as district and school leaders.

On the third Tuesday of each May, that process culminates when residents go to the polls to vote on a school budget proposal for the following year and to elect Board of Education members.

2019-20 School Budget at a Glance

  • Budget total: $28,187,000
  • Spending Increase: 2.83 percent
  • Tax Levy Increase: 2.4 percent

2018-19 School Budget at a Glance

  • Budget total: $27,411,000
  • Spending Increase: 2.69 percent
  • Tax Levy Increase: 2.03 percent

View 2018-19 budget document

Voter Information

Looking for information on absentee ballots, polling locations and voter registration? Visit our voter information page.

2017-18 Budget Summary

Budget: $26,692,000
Total Spending Increase: 2.0%
Tax Levy Increase: 0.7%

Fundamentals of developing the school budget

Learn the ABCs of school budget development in less than 3 minutes by watching the video clip below:

Comparing property taxes

Interested in seeing how Watervliet school and other taxes compare to surrounding districts and municipalities? The SeeThroughNY website has a benchmarking tool that allows visitors to calculate and compare property taxes by location. Go to SeeThroughNY website benchmarking tool