Athletic Hall of Fame

Established in 2007, the Watervliet High School Athletic Hall of Fame inducted its first class in October 2008. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Cannoneer athletic program and, in some cases, at both the collegiate and professional levels through their participation as athletes, coaches or administrators are inducted every other year at an induction brunch as part of Homecoming Weekend in the fall.

If you have any questions about the Hall of Fame, please call the Athletic Office at 518-629-3303.

Hall of Fame Committee

  • Tony Schilling, Secretary
  • Todd Birmingham
  • Robert Christensen
  • Anthony Curro, Jr.
  • Lyle Darmetko
  • Kathy Dean
  • Richard Erdoes
  • Gene Madaio
  • Joseph Pastore
  • Kathy Towne-Deguire

Athletic Hall of Fame induction takes place every two years

In 2015, the Watervliet Hall of Fame Committee has decided to alter its format to a biennial (every other year) platform. The next Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in the fall of 2022 (even numbered years). It should be noted that this decision was voted on by the committee and was a unanimous consensus among the committee members. It should be also noted that the decision had nothing to do with the eligibility or integrity of the nominees; rather, it was based upon numerous factors that focused on making the induction process and ceremony better. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Athlete must have graduated from Watervliet City School District.
  • Athlete must have attended Watervliet for at least two years (junior and senior years).
  • Athletes will become eligible for nomination 10 years after graduation date.
  • Athlete must have contributed significantly to the image of Watervliet athletics in an extremely positive fashion.
  • A person who was not an athlete or a graduate of Watervliet can be nominated if, over a significant period of time, that person has contributed greatly to Watervliet athletics in an extremely positive fashion. This would include coaches, administrators, and supporters.
  • Coaches, administrators and supporters are eligible for nomination immediately after they end their service to the school.
  • A whole team can be nominated after 15 years. The team will be listed on one plaque as a single selection for that Hall of Fame Year.

These may be changed at the discretion of the Hall of Fame Committee. The nomination deadline for next induction class is May 1, 2024

Download printer-friendly Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Please complete the form as instructed, and email the form to Hall of Fame Committee Secretary Tony Schilling,  or Athletic Department Secretary Roni O’Brien, or mail to:

  • Watervliet High School
    1245 Hillside Drive
    Watervliet, NY 12189
    Attention: Athletic Department