Tech Help for Chromebooks

How to log-on to your Chromebook

When you turn on your Chromebook at home it will search for an available wireless network to attach to. From the list of available wireless networks it finds, click on the appropriate network name and type in the encryption key that was assigned to it. If you do not know the encryption key contact your Internet Service Provider. Once the Chromebook attaches to the wireless network you will sign in to Google Chrome with your school email address and password.

Google Access

As a reminder, students can log into their school Google accounts and access Google Classroom with the following log in information:
first letters of their first name, first four letters of their last name and 2-digit graduation year with
(For example: 3rd grader Kelly Webster would be

For log-in help, please email your teacher or call your school:

  • WES 518-629-3400
  • WJSHS 518-629-3300