Social Emotional Well-Being

We recognize that the social emotional well-being of our students and staff during these challenging times is critically important.

A growing body of research indicates that social and emotional learning (SEL) is fundamental to the success of children. Teachers will weave SEL into every classroom and program, and throughout their lessons. The district has made available resources and referrals to address mental health, behavioral, and emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff when school reopens for in-person instructions. The district will identify and support students having difficulties transitioning back to the school setting by utilizing committees and resources that were implemented in the past, such as Student Support Teams (SST), in both buildings. Social workers, school counselors, outreach coordinators, school psychologists and the Whitney Young School Based Health Center will work to identify children who are struggling in many different areas. The first week of school will be dedicated to ensuring students are transitioning back from remote learning with frequent check-ins from teachers, support staff and administrators. A professional development day has been added to the beginning of the school year in an effort to transition children back to their respective buildings, while also offering support to teachers/staff members.

The district will continue to provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff on how to talk with and support students during and after the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, as well as provide support for developing coping and resilience skills for students, faculty, and staff. This is addressed by:

  • Training with video presentations provided by our health/safety/risk management team
  • Staff professional development regarding the inclusion of the New York State Social Emotional Learning Standards
  • Embedded professional development for teachers