Technology and Connectivity

Whether parents/guardians choose remote, face-to-face or a hybrid learning experience for their child(ren), technology will be an integral part of teaching and learning. Plans were developed during the COVID-19 closure in March and teachers will continue to hone their craft using district technology as one of their teaching tools. Students who do not have adequate technology at home, in the case of remote or hybrid learning, will be provided a district owned device.

The district has surveyed families and students to determine the level of access they have to devices and internet in their homes/apartments. Hotspots are located throughout the city in the event families do not have an internet connection. Teachers who are instructing remotely will be asked to do so on campus unless there is a shut down, at which time everyone will go virtual from home.

The district will provide professional development throughout the year to all staff on the creation/maintenance of effective blended learning environments including highly engaging instructional strategies for teaching. Some teachers may use a flipped classroom approach which supports both synchronous and asynchronous environments. The district will continue to streamline the number of computer applications that are used by teachers for remote and in-person instruction.

The district will provide multiple ways for students to participate in learning activities and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards in a remote, in-person or hybrid environment. Google classrooms, beginning, middle and end of the year assessments will be administered using the STAR program. Students will be responsible for hands on projects as well as teacher designed assessments throughout the year whether virtual or in-person.