Passport for Good

picture of Passport for Good volunteers joining handsWatervliet Jr.-Sr. High School is using Passport for Good, a mobile app to easily capture students community engagement experiences.

Students will receive instructions on how to register and use the platform to capture their community service, career development and participation hours.

Completely paper free, the user-friendly app collects and verifies hours and reflections from a range of experiences in school and outside of school, redefining student success.

A few of the benefits of the Passport for Good platform for our students, and our school, include:

  • Access to an easy, secure system to capture, monitor, and encourage service experiences.
  • Allows students to securely chronicle and export a verified nonacademic transcript, focusing on their strengths and contributions, to use for college applications, career and scholarships.
  • Ability to showcase the impact made by students, clubs and the entire school
  • Provides a centralized dashboard for our school, which reports on the engagement of students and highlights key metrics that enables us to take action on a broader level to reinforce and grow the impact of the student body.
  • Promote and motivate student engagement and leadership at all levels.
  • Foster deeper connections with the community partners.

Passport for Good will help motivate students throughout the year to grow our community service and engagement impact. If you’d like to know more about the platform, visit