Testing: PSAT SAT, ACT

Standardized Tests for College Applications


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

SAT Reasoning Test

This test, still the most popular for college entrance, measures developed reasoning skills important to college success. SAT’s along with student’s cumulative GPA assist colleges predict a student’s ability to succeed. SAT’s are offered seven times throughout the academic year. It is important to pay specific attention to deadlines for registration. The SAT’s are recommended to be taken at least once, preferably more than once. Colleges recognize the best combination of scores attained by the student. The higher the score, the better!

Visit www.collegeboard.com for more details. This site also includes “Questions of the Day” for consistent daily progress. Posters including test dates and significant information are located in the school hallways and the guidance office. Students must register at a nearby high school that administers the test.

SAT Subject Test

This test measures student’s knowledge and skills in a particular subject, usually requested by select colleges. Ask the college to which you are applying if it requires applicants to take this test. More about SAT subject tests


Good practice for the SAT

The PSAT is given in mid-October (only once per year) at Watervliet High School to juniors. Sophomores also are welcome to take the test. Student guides are available in the guidance office. The PSAT provides feedback and information to identify which skills students need to improve to prepare for college. Scores are sent to the Watervliet guidance office in December. Score reports are given to the students during a review session during which students are encouraged to take home and review materials for strengthening abilities. Visit www.collegeboard.com/psat for more details. PSAT scores are not sent to colleges.

ACT (American College Test)

Another college entrance tool; not currently as popular as the SAT, but still recognized by certain colleges. Provides students feedback concerning strengths and weaknesses in math, science, social studies and English. ACT’s are given five times throughout the academic year. Test-taking strategies and sample questions are available at www.actstudent.org. Posters including test dates important information are located in the hallways and guidance office. Students must register at a local test center.

*Fee waivers may be available for students who demonstrate financial need. Information about fee waivers can be found on the ACT website.