COVID Testing Plan for Unvaccinated Staff and for Students

(updated January 2022)

At-home COVID-19 test kits are available for families to pick up during school hours from Watervliet Elementary or Watervliet Jr.-Sr. High. PCR testing also is available through our Whitney Young School-Based Health Center. Call 518-629-3271 for information or to make an appointment.

Please note that any positive test results from an at-home test must be reported to the local health department and to your school nurse (at the phone numbers listed below).

  • Watervliet Elementary School nurse: Sue Vogel, 518-629-3250
  • Watervliet Jr.-Sr. High School nurse: Racheal Thomas, 518-629-3304

(October 2021)

This plan outlines the procedures for COVID testing at Watervliet City Schools. COVID testing is meant to be a screening tool for asymptomatic individuals. This district also has the ability to complete diagnostic tests for symptomatic individuals.

STAFF: Per Executive Order, all unvaccinated staff must provide documentation of a negative COVID test weekly. We will provide a testing availability for staff. If a staff member chooses not to be tested at the district, they are required to be tested elsewhere and provide documentation of the test to the superintendent weekly. Failure to do so will result in the employee being placed on unpaid leave.

Staff members who are in the process of being vaccinated or are within fourteen (14) days of their final dose, are deemed “unvaccinated” per this order and will be required to be tested weekly until they are fourteen (14) days post final dose.

Although not required, vaccinated staff may participate in the voluntary testing for COVID to help identify asymptomatic breakthrough cases.

STUDENTS: Per Executive Order, students are encouraged to be tested, especially those who are unable to get the vaccine. We will provide testing for students who wish to participate in the screening process. This will be open to all students, regardless of vaccination status, with the consent of parents/guardians. 


We have partnered with the Albany County Department of Health and Quadrant Biosciences to offer testing that will identify COVID-19 quickly and early, which will help stop transmission. Testing will be available for all students, regardless of vaccination status, with the consent of parents/guardians.

Register and consent

Parents/guardians may provide consent and register their child(ren) for COVID-19 testing directly through the Quadrant Biosciences app.

NOTE: To participate in testing, all students and staff must create an account with Quadrant Biosciences.

The testing will consist of a mouth swab, which will be tested in a pool with up to twelve samples. The samples will be shipped to Quadrant for processing.

If the results of the pool test are positive, the individual samples will be tested to determine the exact individuals in the pool who are positive. Test results will be available to the superintendent, building principal and the school nurse.

Additionally, all individuals will receive their own individual test results. Anyone who tests positive in the pool will need to be excluded from school until the results of the individual tests are received.

Testing will occur in the nurse’s office in each building.

  • Staff will be tested on Mondays.
  • Students will be tested on Tuesdays.

All individuals (staff and students) who will be tested must pre-register on the Quadrant app. NOTE: The online application process includes a consent feature for parents/guardians to complete to have their child(ren) tested.

Specific procedures regarding the testing process can be found at:

Test Results

The organizational manager reviews results and then notifies the COVID coordinator of positive pool results. The individual members of the pool will be excluded from school/work until the individual test results from the pool are received. Based on the individual positive(s) from the pool, the District will begin the contact tracing procedures.

Reporting to New York State

As the District has partnered with Quadrant Biosciences, they will be responsible for uploading the test result information into the ECLARS system and reporting to the Department of Health for the positive test result(s). Individuals who are deemed a direct contact of the positive case will follow normal district reporting procedures to the Albany County Department of Health.


Watch video: How to create a student profile in the web app

 To register, please create your student/staff profile here: