Guest readers share favorite stories on DEAR Day

Fifth-grade classes at Watervliet Elementary School were visited by several guest readers, including New York State Assembly Member John McDonald, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donald Stevens and Principal Ryan Groat, for DEAR Day, which stands for Drop Everything And Read.

 WES traditionally celebrates DEAR Day on the day before Thanksgiving break. As the name implies, it is an opportunity for students to focus on reading for fun as well as learning.  

The superintendent holds up a book as he reads to students.The principal opens a book that he prepares to read to students.

NYS Assembly member ‘Drops Everything to Read’ to Students

The assembly member holds a book in his hands as he speaks with students.As he has done for the past several years, Assembly Member McDonald read of Thee I Sing to fifth-grade students. This inspirational book, penned by President Barack Obama for his daughters, celebrates the characteristics and achievement of 13 famous American personalities and historical figures and how each helped shape our nation. After reading the book, the legislator engaged in a candid Q&A with the students whose questions ranged from “what bills are you working on?” to “what is your favorite color?” to “who is the most famous person you have ever met?”


Dr. Stevens read the story Snow Day and shared with students that calling a snow day is one of the most important decisions he has to make as a superintendent of schools.

Mr. Groat read Turkey Goes to School by Wendi Silvano, which given the time of year, was a good choice! Students seemed to just ‘gobble up’ this short tale of turkey and his barnyard friends who want to go to school so badly, they put on disguises to sneak in!