Parent/Guardians May Decline Examination Waivers

Last month, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) announced the cancellation of the June and August 2020 Regents exams and provided guidance on changes to graduation requirements for students working toward their high school diplomas, credentials and endorsements.

These changes include allowing one-time exemptions from state exams that are typically required for students to graduate, provided the students meet certain requirements. To learn more, please visit:

On May 27, NYSED released additional guidance that would allow parents/guardians the option to decline this exemption of the Regents or other exam requirements that would allow their child to graduate in June or August 2020.

For this to happen, the parent/guardian would need to decline the exemption prior to the awarding of a diploma on June 17, 2020. It is important to note that when a parent chooses to decline the exemption for their student, that decision is final and would obligate the child to take the exam(s) for which they are currently exempted. In other words, if the parent/guardian requests a declination with the district, the student would not be eligible to graduate until they meet ALL the graduation assessment requirements, including exam requirements that were previously eligible for an exemption.

Any student, including a student with a disability, who does not earn a Regents or local diploma continues to be eligible for a free, appropriate public education until the end of the school year in which the student turns age 21, or until the receipt of a Regents or local high school diploma.

Any parent/guardian who wishes to decline one or more exam exemptions for their student may do so prior to the awarding of a diploma by contacting the Assistant Superintendent’s office for a “Regents Examination Exemption Declination” form. Completed forms or questions relating to declining exam exemptions, can be directed to Donald Stevens, Assistant Superintendent at 518-629-3456 or