Student Registration Forms and Information

Before you begin the registration process, please make sure you have completed ALL required forms and are ready to submit them along with the other required documentation. Review the “Documents Required to Register” section

First day new registration form

Residency questionnaire

Required NYS School Health Examination Form (updated March 2023)

Student health history form

Home Language Questionnaire
(New York State Education Department website)

Request for records form

Transportation Form

Student Racial and Ethnic Identification

Kindergarten questionnaire
(Please note: kindergarten parents/guardians are asked to complete the kindergarten questionnaire in addition to other registrations forms)

Prekindergarten registration packets

3-year-old early prekindergarten application (EPK)

4-year-old prekindergarten application

The Watervliet City School District has adopted a policy, which requires the collection and recording of the ethnic identity of students of the school district in accordance with federal categories and definitions. The information will be used to:

  • Report information to the State and Federal Education Departments
  • Plan educational programs and make sure that they are readily available to all students
  • Analyze differences in academic performance attendance and completion of school

We need your help to accomplish this task. Please review the Racial/Ethnic definitions on the form and place a check in the box for the category or categories that best describe your child. The Watervliet City School District understands the sensitive nature of this information and wishes to assure you that it will be kept secure and confidential in accordance with all state and federal student privacy laws and regulations. If the information requested is not provided on this form on behalf of your child, a student records officer from the school or district will be required to identify the group to which the student appears to belong. Thank you for your cooperation.

Confidentiality Procedures and Regulations

  • School Staff: This form will be filed in the student’s permanent record as confidential informational.
  • Parent/Guardian: The information, which you have provided, on this form is confidential. It is protected by the Confidentiality Regulations cited below.

“The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) prohibits unauthorized access to student records and unauthorized release of any student record information identifiable by either student name or student identification number”

Health Office Reminders

Medication Policy

Use of Social Media Policy

Student Use of Computer Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy)