Student athletes volunteer as guest readers

High school seniors visit Watervliet Elementary School to read to younger students

Nearly 20 high school seniors, who also are student athletes participating in fall sports, volunteered as guest readers at Watervliet Elementary School. The students visited UPK to grade 4 classrooms to read books to the young students. See more pictures on Facebook of student athletes reading to WES students

During the visit, grades 3-4 students had an opportunity to ask the Class of 2019 members questions about high school and the sports each of them play, including football, volleyball, soccer, track and cheerleading.

Thanks to the following high school students for volunteering their time:

  • Derrick Beason
  • Hannah Brown
  • Joe Brown
  • Kiersten Chaplin
  • Madison Dunham
  • Tylessea Edge
  • Dylan Fumarola
  • Davina Gladney
  • Aliza Kaurejo
  •  Mimi Kaurejo
  • Makalya Milligan
  • Dez’jah Mitchell
  • Liana Novak
  • Jarahn Parlemont
  • Angelina Rodriguez
  • Jessica Senecal
  • Matt Shufelt
  • Madison Soroka
  • Sterling Spoon