Students learn to make a tasty side dish for the holidays

Students in Tina Lavallee’s class recently learned how to make applesauce – a tasty recipe they can share with their families for the holiday season! To prepare this delicious treat, students peeled and cored apples, mashed them up in a crockpot with water, a touch of brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, and let the mixture cook for three to four hours.

Students then had an opportunity to taste the fruits of their labor, literally, as they dished their applesauce into small bowls and dug in their spoons. What did the students think of this culinary adventure? Several gave the applesauce a four- or five-star rating, others enjoyed making the sauce more than eating it.

picture of teacher bending down to hand a bowl of applesauce to studentpicture of smiling student seated at desk with spoon in a bowl of applesaucepicture of student seated at desk with pencil completing worksheet about steps to making applesauce