Students, staff celebrate “Diversity = Strength” at WES

picture of two student self portraits on the wall picture of three students standing in hallway underneath their self-portraits“That’s me!” a young student declared pointing at a vibrant self-portrait in a hallway at Watervliet Elementary School. Students throughout the building created likenesses of themselves reflecting their culture, interests, talents, hobbies and other traits. Teachers then compiled the drawings into collages to display in the hallway outside their classrooms as part of an activity celebrating diversity during the school’s annual Cabin Fever celebration.

Before putting their crayons or markers to paper, students engaged in thoughtful discussions with their teachers about similarities and differences between people and about the importance of being respectful of our individual qualities. The collages symbolize a “Diversity = Strength” theme that supports the elementary school’s No Place for Hate designation.

Cabin Fever Day also provided teachers and students an opportunity to review expectations and responsibilities in classrooms, hallways, playground and other school settings, and encourage positive decision-making.

A favorite Cabin Fever Day tradition continued as students dressed in their comfiest pajamas and staff members wore their warmest flannel shirts during the school day.

picture of student seated at desk and smiling at camera picture of two students on the floor with coloring pencils working on self portraitsstudent seated at desk with crayon in hand working to complete self-portrait