WCSD submits its School Reopening Plan for 2020-21 to State Education Department

The Watervliet City School District submitted its School Reopening Plan for 2020-21 to the New York State Education Department (SED) by the July 31 deadline, as required.

The full plan is posted on our website at https://www.watervlietcityschools.org/watervliet-csd-covid-19-health-and-safety-reopening-plan-for-2020-21/ and is linked to the website’s homepage banner and available on the Planning/Reopening Our Schools web page.

Please note that while this plan has been submitted to the state, a final determination on school opening in New York will be made by the Governor in the first week of August.

The plan is subject to change, given the nature of the COVID-19 public health emergency. It is possible that we may need to alternate between in-person and remote learning throughout the year due to recommendations and guidance from our partnering agencies, and stay-at-home orders from the Governor. As further details are developed, we will communicate the information to staff, students and parents as quickly and clearly as possible.

Virtual community forum set for August 4

A reminder that district leaders will hold a virtual community forum on Tuesday, August 4 from 5-7 p.m. that will be live streamed. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lori Caplan and Assistant Superintendent Don Stevens will present an overview of the reopening plan and answer questions. Link to community forum livestream

Please email your questions to communications@vlietschools.org by 2 p.m. on August 4. Thank you!