Apple Run offers fun and a sweet autumn treat for kindergarten students

A group of kindergarten students stand at the starting line while a teacher stands nearby and the coach readies the whistle to begin the Apple Run.A Watervliet Elementary School student ambassador hands a student an apple at the finish line. A teaching assistant, kindergarten teacher, the principal and coach applaud two students crossing the finish line. Kindergarten students sit on the field eating apples, smiling and looking at the camera after completing the Apple Run.

On your mark, get set, go!

Kindergarten students stood at the starting line anxiously awaiting the coach’s whistle to signal the start of Watervliet Elementary School’s annual Apple Run. Upon hearing that short burst of sound, the kindergartners took off at top speed running with their classmates around the course on the field outside the school as family members, administrators, teachers, staff and coaches cheered them on to the finish line. All students received a big delicious apple to enjoy after completing the race.

Special thanks to our WES student ambassadors who helped out with the run, either by guiding kindergartners around the race course or handing out apples at the finish line.

View our Facebook photo album of the Apple Run