Information about June 2021 Regent Exams and end-of-year schedule

To meet the federal government’s requirements, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has canceled all but four of the Regents exams previously scheduled for June 2021. Similar to last year, all students enrolled in and passing courses culminating with the following Regents exams will automatically receive an Exemption “E” designed on their transcript.

The four voluntary examinations will be given on the following dates:

● English Language Arts — June 17
● Living Environment — June 22
● Algebra I — June 23
● Earth Science — June 24

All other Regents exams are canceled for June.

All students enrolled in and passing courses that culminate with a Regents will automatically receive the “E” exemption on their transcripts. Students may choose to take the exams if they are enrolled in these courses. Should a student decide to take one or more of these examinations, their score(s) will be recorded on their transcript. Please be aware that grades on any of these exams will NOT factor into a student’s course average, per NYS guidelines.

It is important that students understand they must successfully pass the course in order to receive the “E” exemption. If a student does not pass the course, they will need to retake the course and Regents exam next year.

Please let us know if your student plans to participate in one of the Regents exams listed above by completing the Regents Sign-up form by June 1, so we can plan accordingly. If you do not complete this form, we will assume that your child will not be participating.

Final Grades

To ensure both equity and empathy for all Watervliet students, the district has decided to calculate final course grades differently for this school year. For full-year courses, each quarter grade will equate to 25% of the final course grade. For semester courses, each quarter grade will equate to 50% of the final course grade. Teachers will use traditional assessments to measure students’ understanding of skills and content, which may include final projects, unit tests, culminating portfolios, etc.

Year-end assessments may be administered if required as part of College-in-the-High-School course agreements.

End-of-Year Schedule

At the high school, June 16-24, which were previously scheduled as exam days, will become full days of instruction and students will follow their regular schedule. Thursday, June 24 will be the last day of school and Friday, June 25 will be graduation.

We are proud of the work our students and teachers have accomplished this school year to meet the demands of an extremely unique situation. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Assistant Superintendent Don Stevens by email at