New York State Grades 3-8 Testing to Begin in April

The 2024 Grades 3-8 English Language Arts and Math tests will take place starting in April. These tests continue to be untimed, meaning as long as students are working productively, they will be given as much time as they need to complete the tests during the regular school day.

NEW THIS YEAR: The Watervliet City School District has chosen to administer the computer-based assessment in grades 3-8. For information about computer-based testing, please visit the New York State Education Department’s web page.

The schedule for assessments will be as follows:

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Grades 3 & 6: Thursday, April 18 – Friday, April 19
  • Grades 4 & 7: Thursday, April 11 – Friday April 12
  • Grades 5 & 8: Tuesday, April 16 – Wednesday, April 17


  • Grades 3 & 6: Tuesday, April 30 – Wednesday, May 1
  • Grades 4 & 7: Thursday, April 25 – Friday, April 26
  • Grades 5 & 8: Tuesday, April 23 – Friday, April 24


  • Grades 5 & 8: Tuesday, May 7

Please encourage your child to put forth their best efforts over the coming weeks as they prepare for the upcoming assessments. Remember that assessments are a great tool for educators to improve instruction and student learning. These state assessments also provide valuable information about the great work being done in our schools and district.

If you have any questions about the upcoming tests, feel free to email Elementary Principal Ryan Groat (grades 3-5) or email Jr. High School Principal Jessie Richards (grades 6-8).