Summer Reading for All WJSHS Students

June 2020

Dear Students and Parent/Guardian:

Books have been teaching and inspiring people for generations. They can have the power to create social change and influence people to do great things. Books teach important life lessons and help people to reflect on life itself. Books give people a voice, a connection, and instill hope. They also take people places and give people experiences they might otherwise never have. Books bring people together. Books are powerful.

The Watervliet City School District will continue its literacy initiative at the middle and high school level by encouraging all students entering grades 7-12 to read over the summer. This year’s summer reading topic will focus on how books unite people. Students are to read a book of their choice and complete a small cumulative activity where they express the impact the book had on them. More information about the summer reading activity and list of suggested books

A list of recommended book titles representing several genres has been compiled by the Watervliet Jr./Sr. High School English Department and school librarian. Students looking for engaging books to read will find that it contains many excellent and high interest choices. However, students are not required to choose from the list; they may select any book they wish to read. Students should choose an appropriate book for their reading level and one that is of interest to them. We encourage the parents of middle school-age children to monitor their child’s reading selection.

The reading and mini activity must be completed over the summer. Students who submit a completed assignment will earn credit from their English Language Arts teacher for the fall semester. For each book a student completes they will receive one entry into a raffle for various prizes. Summer reading provides an excellent opportunity for students to stay connected to literature and to enhance literacy skills developed throughout the school year. (Note: To be included in the raffle and to earn prizes, summer reading projects need to be submitted by Wednesday, September 16!)

Additionally, we will be hosting two book talk sessions where students can come and discuss their book with their peers and teachers. This is also a place where students can join to receive reading support and/or help with the cumulative activity. The book talks will be held virtually over Zoom on Wednesday, July 22 and Wednesday, August 12 from 11 a. m.- 12 p.m. We look forward to discussing the different books students are reading.

If you have difficulty obtaining a book please reach out to us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email Tami Karbowski  or call Watervliet administration at 518-629-3200.

The Watervliet Jr./Sr. High School English Department