WES students learn about fire safety and prevention from city firefighters

Fire Safety Assembly

picture of students and teacher walking alongside a fire engineFirefighter Van Patten and Firefighter Halpin from the Watervliet Fire Department recently visited the elementary school to share important fire prevention and safety tips with UPK through grade 6 students. “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere” was the theme of this year’s fire prevention presentation.

picture of firefighter talking to large group of students seated on bleachers in gymThe firefighters recommended that students practice exit drills at home with their families, and emphasized three steps to increase awareness of fires to reduce risks and stay safe in the event of a fire at home:

  • Look for places fire can start
  • Listen for the sound of the smoke detector
  • Learn two ways out of each room

After the presentation, students had an opportunity to ask about the risky but rewarding job of being a firefighter and get a close-up look at a fire truck.

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For more information about fire prevention, home drills and safety, visit the National Fire Protection Association website.