WHS MasterMinds team seals the deal with first win in close match

Four members of the Master Minds team stand together and smile at the camera after first victoryWatervliet High School’s MasterMinds team won its first match by a score of 90 to 60 points when they competed against the Hoosac School at Mohonasen High School on Dec. 5.

“The game was very close,” said MasterMinds coach and math teacher Yuriy Berin, “but then our team captain, Phoebe Mammoser, answered the very last question correctly to seal the victory!”

Mr. Berin added that “our students were very successful answering questions about US History, English Literature, Geography, Mathematics and Chemistry.”

Congratulations Watervliet MasterMinds team members: Neya Harris and Milo Scattareggia, both freshmen; Phoebe Mammoser, a junior; and Michael Bendon, a senior.

Photos courtesy of Yuriy Berin, math teacher, MasterMinds coach

Three members from the Watervliet Master Minds team are seated at desks adjacent to the competitor's team as the match gets underway Four members of the Watervliet Master Minds team are seated at desks during the match. All are looking at the camera and smiling. Two members of the Master Minds team collaborate to come up with an answer to a question, while two other team members look on.