WHS Senior and Teacher Recognized for Making a Difference

On behalf of our entire school community, we celebrate Watervliet High School senior Maria Barsoum and language teacher Rebecca Sweeney on being chosen for the Class of 2024 Students and Teachers Who Make a Difference!

CADSA announcement for Watervliet City School District 2024 Capital Region Students and Teachers Who Make a Difference

38th Annual Capital Region Students and Teachers Who Make a Difference Recipients

Each year, the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) selects outstanding students, nominated by their schools on the basis of academic achievements, community service and leadership to their schools or communities, or other unique accomplishments.

This year, Watervliet High School nominated student Maria Barsoum:

Maria is an extremely hard worker. She pushes herself to do her best in all of her classes as well as extracurricular activities throughout the school community. Maria is a great contributor to the class and she sets a positive example for students to follow. She models respect, organization and diligence in her work. Maria is very respectful and has positive relationships with teachers, administrators and her peers. She is also very kind, always willing to look out for others and lend a helping hand.

The student, in turn, selects a teacher who has had a significant influence on their education. This is the nomination submitted by Maria about teacher, Rebecca Sweeney:

Mrs. Sweeney has influenced me by making me realize that I don’t have to take things so seriously and she made me a happier person. She inspired me to work harder and she is an outstanding teacher. She’s compassionate, kind, and caring. She does everything in her power to help, and we are honored to have her at our school.

Congratulations Maria and Mrs. Sweeney for representing Watervliet City Schools!