WJSHS conducts lockdown drill

Watervliet Jr./Sr. High School conducted a lockdown drill today – Thursday, Nov. 15 – at 10:15 a.m. The drill lasted approximately 30 minutes. During the high school’s drill, Watervliet Elementary School practiced lockout procedures. 

These safety drills are practiced periodically to help the school district’s faculty, staff and students be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Lockdown Drill

State law requires lockdown drills to be practiced 4 times a year. All movement within the school is restricted. All students, staff and visitors must report immediately to the nearest classroom, gym or cafeteria. All doors are locked and secured. All cell phones are silenced. Rooms remain secured until unlocked by police or a school administrator .

Lockout Drill

A lockout secures the outer perimeter of the building. Students who are outdoors are brought inside. All exterior doors are locked and windows are closed and locked. In a lockout, there is no classroom disruption. Persons wishing to enter or leave the building must first be cleared by a building administrator and/or police.