District advisory on bitter cold expected

Watervliet School District officials will continue to monitor the weather forecast for tomorrow. Weather permitting, school will open tomorrow as scheduled. Any decision to close or delay school will be made tomorrow morning.

Please keep an eye on the forecast as well as on our district homepage, Facebook and Twitter for weather-related announcements and updates. We will also notify families and staff of any closures or delays via phone, text message and email using our One Call Now system. Notifications also will be posted on local media channels.

Whether or not school is in session tomorrow, it is important to make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather when going outside, by wearing a hat, gloves or mittens, a winter coat and boots. A scarf or snow pants are also helpful to keep children warm and dry. In some cases with extreme wind chills, frostbite can occur in a half hour or less.

A reminder that the district is providing additional transportation opportunities to and from school for district walkers. If however, a parent believes weather conditions are not appropriate for their child to take the school bus or walk to school, the parent may make alternate transportation arrangements or may choose to keep their child home if they believe that is best.