Final Teaching & Learning Change Waiver for 2020-21 School Year

Waiver offers parents opportunity to change learning status to remote or in-person through end of school year

We are sending out the Teaching and Learning Change Waiver early in an effort to prepare for the remainder of the school year. With a decline in positive COVID-19 cases and an increase in vaccinations, we anticipate more students will be returning to in-person learning. To adequately prepare and ensure we are ready to welcome students after Spring Break (Monday, April 12), please read the guidelines and expectations for remote and in-person learning.

Parents who wish to change their child’s learning status by opting for in-person learning or switching to 100% remote learning must submit a Teaching and Learning Change Waiver by Monday, March 22. This change will remain in effect through the end of the school year.

ONLY parents who want to change the learning status for their child(ren) should complete the online Teaching and Learning Change Waiver. Parents do not need to submit a waiver to keep the same learning status. By default, child(ren) will remain in their current learning status if no waiver is received by the March 22 deadline. Access the Teaching and Learning Change Waiver

Forms must be filled out by Watervliet City School District parents or guardians only; students cannot complete this waiver. Please fill out ONE waiver for EACH child. All forms must be submitted by Monday, March 22 at 3 p.m.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your child’s school principal.

(Note: This message was sent to WCSD families via One Call Now email on March 15.)